Your question: What is special use in real estate?

What does special use mean in real estate?

A special use permit allows a parcel of land or property to be used in a manner that deviates from normally accepted activities in that area. … Special use permits are sometimes called conditional use permits.

What is an example of a special purpose use zoning of real estate?

Examples of special uses under your local zoning guidelines may include schools, funeral homes, hospitals, cemeteries, and other types of land uses which do not fit exactly into the description of residential or commercial uses.

What does special use zoning mean?

Cr McCaffery said special uses zoning was important because it identified non-commercial land uses. ”It identifies particular unique uses, schools, hospitals – basically land that doesn’t pay rates. … ”Schools have lost their specific zoning and are now permissible in all residential areas. ”

What is the difference between a variance and a special permit?

What’s the difference between a Special Permit and a Variance? A Special Permit is required generally if your structure is non-conforming and you wish to make an alteration or extension to it. … A variance is required if you want to do something with your property which is generally prohibited by the Zoning Bylaw.

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What are two examples of special use property?

According to their SOP, the SBA considers only the following as a limited or special purpose property:

  • Amusement Parks.
  • Bowling Alleys.
  • Car wash properties.
  • Cemeteries.
  • Clubhouses.
  • Cold storage facilities where more than 50% of total square footage is equipped for refrigeration.
  • Dormitories.
  • Farms, including dairy facilities.

What is an example of a special property?

Examples of special-use properties include: theatres, sports arenas, religious facilities, schools, hospitals, medical and dental offices, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, processing plants, refineries, mills, railway stations and firehouses. … Special use properties are just that…

What is an example of non conforming use in real estate?

In real estate parlance, “non-conforming use” generally refers to a type of zoning variance wherein a person’s property is exempt or excepted from city zoning ordinances. This occurs because the owner had made improvements to the land prior to the current zoning laws being put into effect.

What is functional obsolescence in real estate?

What Is Functional Obsolescence? … For example, in real estate, it refers to the loss of property value due to an obsolete feature, such as an old house with one bathroom in a neighborhood filled with new homes that have at least three bathrooms.

What is mixed use real estate?

The simplest definition of mixed-use development is a real estate development that contains multiple types of buildings — commercial, office, retail, and residential — all intended to coexist and ideally fill different needs and provide various benefits to the people who live and work therein.

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What is a use zone?

A Use Zone is defined as the surface under and around the equipment onto which a child accidentally falling from or exiting from the equipment would be expected to land. In general, a use zone of at least 6 feet of free and open space must surround all equipment connected to or making up a play structure.

What do you need a variance for?

You may request a variance for building height, building location, setbacks, and lot coverage. You may not request a variance to develop your property for a use that is disallowed in your zoning district”for example, to open a retail store in a residential district.

What does a variance allow an individual property to do?

A variance is a request to deviate from current zoning requirements. If granted, it permits the owner to use the land in a manner not otherwise permitted by the zoning ordinance. It is not a change in the zoning law.