What is active RFR in real estate?

What does ATP stand for in real estate?

At the conclusion of this FHA review, a document called an Approval to Participate (ATP) is issued. This document spells out the minimum net proceeds the bank requires, as well as a minimum purchase price for the home. Once the purchase price is set, it cannot be changed or negotiated.

What do you mean by RFR?

RFR stands for the right of first refusal.

This is a contractual right (not obligation) that gives the holder of this right priority over anyone else to enter into a transaction with a person or business. The parties involved usually include the seller, the holder of the right, and third party interested buyer.

Does PND mean pending?

PND Pending: Property has an offer (Contract with no contingencies, Kick Outs or Options). The seller requests no further showings and does not want to entertain backup offers. Pending listings do not expire and will stay pending until closed.

What does active RFR mean?

ACT “Active RFR” (Right of First Refusal) means there’s a contract on the home but with a RFR contingency. … If their home is under contract and likely to close they may remove the contingency. If they are not having many showings and it looks like the home may not sell for a while they may remove the contingency.

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What does RFR mean in medical terms?

Coronary Physiology Resting Full-Cycle Ratio (RFR)

What’s the difference between pending and under contract?

UNDER CONTRACT – indicates a property where an offer has been written and accepted by both parties. … Many things can go awry during the under contract period and a fair number of homes will come back on the market. PENDING – means that all of the above have been satisfied.

What does PND mean in lab results?

Overview. Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea (PND) causes sudden shortness of breath during sleep.

What is the difference between pending and active under contract?

Active Under Contract vs Pending

When a property is listed as “active under a contract,” there are conditions/contingencies that must be met before the deal can close. However, when a property is listed as “pending,” all the contingencies have been met and the deal is on the road to being finalized.