What does PCG mean in realty?

What does ext mean in MLS?

MLS Abbreviations

Code Description Format
EXP Exposure
EXT Exterior: (A)luminum, (B)rick, (S)tone, (V)inyl, etc.
FEA Features
FC Annual Fuel Costs $

What is Dom real estate?

The acronyms DOM and CDOM are used to describe the number of days that a property has been on the market in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). DOM: means Days on Market. is the number of days that a particular listing has been Active in the MLS.

What does canceled WDN u mean?

Sometimes it’s cancelled because the listing agreement ran out with one agent and they are re-listing with another in which case the home will go back into the MLS as NEW with a new MLS#. WDN The listing has been withdrawn from the MLS but the listing agreement is still in effect.

What does reactivated mean in real estate?

A Transaction will have a Closed status after it has been marked as Closed by an Admin/Broker. One reason you may need to reactivate a Closed file is to update information within the file, such as the sale price or closing date; that information can’t be changed once the file is closed.

Does no longer on the market mean sold?

When a person puts their home up for sale, they often turn to a local real estate agent. … This is what “no longer on the market” often means: the seller has gone independent and wants to make the most profit off the sale.

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What does DOM mean in dating?

DOM means “Dominant Male.” This is the most common meaning for DOM on online dating sites, such as Craigslist, Tinder, Zoosk and Match.com, as well as in texts and on chat forums. DOM. Definition: Dominant Male.

What is the difference between DOM and CDOM in real estate?

The What: DOM measures the number of days from the last time a listing is listed to the last pending status before the listing is sold. CDOM measures the number of days from when a property is first listed to when a property goes into the last pending status before being sold.

Does PND mean pending?

PND Pending: Property has an offer (Contract with no contingencies, Kick Outs or Options). The seller requests no further showings and does not want to entertain backup offers. Pending listings do not expire and will stay pending until closed.

When a property is contingent?

A contingent house listing means that an offer on a new home has been made and the seller has accepted it, but before the final sale can advance, some criteria needs to be met.