How do you inspect a rental property?

Can I inspect my rented property?

Under the law, all tenants are entitled to live in “quiet enjoyment”, meaning that you or your agent must their permission before entering the property. … While you have the right to inspect the condition of your property, this can only be enforced with a formal application for a court order.

What do you do in a rental inspection?

How to prepare for a rental inspection

  1. Start preparing early. …
  2. Make arrangements for your pets. …
  3. List issues to discuss. …
  4. Clean properly. …
  5. Do any necessary minor repairs. …
  6. If there’s a garden, look after it. …
  7. Don’t freak out.

How do you prepare for a rental inspection?

Preparing a Rental Property for Inspection

  1. Start by making any minor repairs caused by you.
  2. Give the shower and bath a good scrub.
  3. Thoroughly clean the kitchen.
  4. Clean the patio and sweep or wash down the driveway.
  5. Tidy up the garden and mow the lawn.

Can I refuse entry to landlord?

If your landlord makes a written request to enter the property, you can refuse if it isn’t convenient, but try to make an alternative suggestion and come to an agreement. Persistently refusing entry could make you seem unhelpful – and make the landlord less flexible if you need them to fit around you.

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Can a tenant refuse viewings?

In general, the landlord should obtain consent from the tenant, prior to arranging for a viewing of the property. … If the tenancy contract does not specify a notice period, and you bring potential buyers to the property without notice, then the tenant has the right to potentially file a criminal case against you.

What should I ask at rental inspection?

10 questions you NEED to ask your landlord at your next open for inspection…and two you shouldn’t!

  • What’s the length of your preferred lease? …
  • Would you ever consider a 2 year lease? …
  • When do you plan to sell the property? …
  • What about pets? …
  • When can I move in? …
  • What internet is available here?

What do you wear to a rental inspection?

Be presentable at the inspection

You don’t have to wear a suit, but it’s important to look presentable; it shows you’re keen to secure the property and that you’re taking the application process seriously.

How do you fill out a rental inspection checklist?

What Should It Include?

  1. Tenant’s Name.
  2. Tenant’s Address, Including Unit Number.
  3. Date of Move-In.
  4. Date of Move-Out (When Occurs).
  5. Date of Move-In Inspection.
  6. Date of Move-Out Inspection.
  7. Tenant Signature.
  8. Landlord Signature.